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United States Of America, undoubtedly is the largest hub for international students to study. With over 1,000,000 students, the country has broadened its education and life experience for students across the globe. Considering the statistics, 5% of the students enrolled in higher-level education in the USA are international students and it is kept on increasing and growing rapidly.

There are a number of aspects that will let you study in the United States. Here you will get to know more about the educational, social, cultural and economic aspects of studying in the US.

Why Study in the USA:  When it comes to the quality of education, the US is a pioneer. It is one of the most prominent reasons to study in the USA. Talking about the universities in the US, more than 150 are ranked among the top universities in the world. This is one of the reasons why it is the very first choice of most of the students in different-different countries.

Applying for Studying in the USA: Different universities have different application process and most of them have an online application process. You need to upload your documents to the online application portal and this will include the scanned copy of your passport, academic transcripts, essays, etc.

To get eligible, you need to achieve the required scoring. The Graduate courses will require the GRE and there is a need for GMAT scores for the management courses. For undergraduate courses, there is a need for SATs and LSAT specifically for law courses and in the same way, there is MCAT for medical courses. There is also the availability of IELTS and TOEFL scores for the English Language Proficiency Test.

Living in USA

Once you decide the course, the next step is to make a decision regarding the accommodation or where to live. There are two options – the university-managed accommodation and the accommodation offered by a private landlord. The best feature of university-managed accommodation is they offer you the catered or self-catered option which makes it easy to manage your meals along with the cost related to the same.

There are times when you have no idea about what to decide in terms of accommodation; then you can take the help of the accommodation office at your university as they will tell you where to start. The office will also provide you a list of the most appropriate properties and landlords available on the area. Other essentials to keep in mind are the contractual rights and responsibilities that you need to follow. You may easily ask for the tenancy agreement before you sign in for the new property.

Talking about the overall pricing, as a student you may need to spend $12,000–$15,000 per year on an approx. on your accommodation. But these expenses may vary depending on the place you choose to live in. For ab instant, these can go up to $18,000 in case you are staying in a metropolitan city like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, etc. The most basic elements on which you need to invest in your accommodation rent, groceries, and food, utilities like electricity, water, gas, internet, phone bills, books, transportation, and more.

Working in USA

If you have plans to work in the USA, then you need to get aware of some of the basics. The option of part-time jobs is available in the USA and students can start in as soon as they start their semesters in universities. Other than that, some universities also have internships programs for students in their final year.

Part-time Jobs: You will find two types in part-time job options while living in the USA i.e. Campus Jobs and the Off-campus Jobs. In the category of Campus Jobs, there are positions like Library Monitor, Teaching Assistance, Tour Guide, Peer Tutor, and more. In the category of Off-campus part-time jobs, waiters and bar staff, retail staff, warehouse staff, call center phone operators, and more.

Internships: There are a variety of professions you can choose from as a student while targeting the USA as your study destination. To enhance your overall profile, you can opt for off-campus internships too. 

Post-study Work: For post-study work, you need to get a post-study work permit. You can start working as soon as you finish your course. This includes categories like Technology, Health Care, IT and more.

Wrapping up, these are some of the essentials linked to study, living and working in the US. Hopefully, this will help you get aware of all the things to be needed.

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